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Montessori guidance for adults and tutoring for the whole child

Montessori Train's mission is to share with adults and children the richness of the Montessori Method. 
We offer Montessori guidance to adults working in school and church settings and to parents who homeschool.
In addition, we offer tutoring to homeschool and non-homeschool children. 
Lessons on Practical Life, Grace and Courtesy, Sensorial, Language, Culture, Mathematics and Catholic Faith are given in an integrated indoor/outdoor environment respecting the developmental needs of the child.
Our services are offered in Spanish and in English.



I am a Montessori pedagogy advocate and it's my joy to share its richness with children and adults. I have been practicing the Montessori Method since 2008; initially, as a homeschool mom, later as a guide in a private Catholic school setting, and most recently at a

Montessori Pod in the Dallas area.

I am trained as a Montessori guide by the Association Montessori Internationale--the organization founded by Dr. Maria Montessori herself--I am a trained Catechist for ages 3-12 with the USA Association of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and earned my

Masters of Education at SMU in May 2021.

I have guided children ages 2.5 to 9 years of age in small and large Montessori environments.

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Carolina Alvarez, M.Ed.

Carolina does a wonderful job at respecting the space and the children during her observations. And she absolutely wowed me with her observation report, which was professionally organized, formatted and chock full of insightful observations and suggestions.
Tamara Kuykendall, ThM. CGS Formation Leader. Irving TX
Carolina came to our classroom to help with assistant training and planning for students with special needs.  Her observations of the classroom were detailed and insightful.  She conducted in-depth consulting sessions with great care and empathy for the children, the staff, and the school mission.  She gave us practical, comprehensive solutions that helped diffuse problem areas in the classroom.  We appreciate her ability to translate best practices for Montessori into real-world situations.

Jarin Schiavolin, ThM. Regina Mater Principal. Austin TX 

Carolina is an authentic Montessorian with a great trajectory. She is very passionate for the transformation and the development of each child who touches her life. She has been a great mentor in my professional career as a Montessori Guide. Her conviction and spirituality makes her students and families feel welcomed.

Thanks for always being there.


        Adriana Cantu. AMI Montessori Guide. Mission TX

Terrie Walz

My little M is flying through math sheets over here. I am amazed at her confidence. “I am good at math!”, she said. Yes! She is! Thank you for being such an awesome teacher. ❤️

Meghan Jackson

Carolina was not only my daughter’s first teacher, she was mine.  She introduced me to the world of Montessori and CGS and changed our family’s life forever.  Her love and patience with young children know no bounds.  She is able to make just about anything enticing with her enthusiasm and wonder. Not only will your child grow exponentially under her guidance, but you will grow as a parent to be more loving, and to understand the Montessori approach and how it can improve your family life.

Nela Rios

Thank you so much for a wonderful Spring semester Ms. Carolina! The children have learned so much both spiritually and academically! Thanks for pouring so much into their minds and hearts!! :)


Montessori Train
Irving, TX


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